The City of West Hollywood is like no other city in the world. It was officially incorporated as an independent City on November 29, 1984.

Located in the heart of metropolitan Los Angeles, at 1.9 square miles, West Hollywood is a robust economic and cultural center instilled with idealism and creativity.


West Hollywood shares boundaries with the cities of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.


A spirit of community activism and civic pride thrives in West Hollywood for many of its approximately 35,000 residents. For more than three decades, West Hollywood has been one of the most influential small cities in the nation; no other city of its size has had a greater impact on the national progressive public policy agenda. 

The City of West Hollywood is filled with rich history. People from all over the globe visit West Hollywood for its iconic destinations such as The Sunset Strip for its unparalleled historical connection to music, entertainment, architecture, fashion, and culture-making; for Santa Monica Boulevard’s historic LGBT destinations and entertainment establishments; and for the Design District’s shopping, galleries, and restaurants.

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